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Services to Commercial & Estate Agents, Architects, Lawyers, Land Agents and other Property Professionals.

Professional Intermediaries

How We Work With Professional Intermediaries

Over the years we have developed a close and profitable working relationship with a number of property professionals.

This enables us to be able to source the correct asset that meet the current demands of our clients or theirs. We are always seeking to develop more relationships to expand our network of contacts.

A fundamental part of our service is to establish a route for our clients to the funding required for any given project. Additionally if required, an exit plan. This can involve bringing in funding vehicles, lenders, investors and/or institutions.

Usually this involves a bespoke plan of a blended solution tailored to each client and project.

Examples of services that are often required:

All delivered in the off market environment.


  • Land Acquisition – consented or unconsented
  • Identify sites in need of development
  • Commercial buildings for conversion such as Permitted Development schemes
  • Large asset acquisitions, with first class long term covenants


  • Clients with assets who wish to dispose these ‘confidentially’ with or without revenue streams
  • Sale and leaseback to release capital from the sale of the freehold but take out a new long lease with the purchaser.